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Fall Schedule )

It's kind of rough, because I am so used to planning my own schedule to take the classes I want when I want them. Because of that, and because I'm using a locker again, and because we're all so ridiculously into clubs, it's really strangely reminiscent of high school - like an alternate universe version I never actually attended.

Basically, it's a friendlier, more difficult high school. With no math. :D

First Week

Aug. 21st, 2008 10:17 pm
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The first week of law school at King Hall has been a mix of orientation and introduction to the American legal system. So far, I've sat through a multitude of presentations on what law school is, what law school isn't, and have basically learned that I should balance my work time with my play time or else I'll asplode. Oh, and to spend as little of my "future earnings" (i.e. loan money) as possible. Despite having failed to attend a plethora of student social activities, I did manage to meet some people who are pretty cool, too. Mostly, though, what I've learned this week boils down to the fact that I totally didn't know what I was getting myself into. Now that I know (or at least have a better idea), I don't want to run away screaming. But if I understand this correctly, you probably won't see much of me for the next three years.

I still heart you guys - and I'll sneak away as much as I can. But they let you eat in the library here, and give students keys to the building, even, so you might have to periodically remind me where I live.

ETA: I have 9 am Contracts. So you might have to remind me of other things, too, like what sleep is like and where I can get some.
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[ profile] creeping_dark, thank you for showing me this, one of the funniest and most catchy songs ever. It's by Flight of the Conchords, billed as "Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo" (having been bumped by a tribute band of themselves, Like of the Conchords). XD

In other news, I have a schedule! It's full of Comp Lit (Literature of Fantasy [with [ profile] alexq!] and Myths & Legends), French 1 (10 am daily w00t), Intro to the Middle East (seems amazing), and a class that gives you lifeguard certification. Also going on will be my senior thesis (I took an incomplete on it last quarter) ... gotta get on that.

In summary: law schools hate me, I don't know anything, and taking French means I will be consistently groggy.

But music ftw.
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Aaah! Back to school already? You'd think a three-week vacation would be more than sufficient, but it wasn't.

Here are the classes I'm taking. )

Even though my classes kind of freak me out, especially the unscheduleable ones, it sure makes for a purdy schedule.

P.S. I want my transcript yesterday. I have no idea how I did in fall, and I really, really want to know. Bah.
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I want to record my weekend excursions in here before it gets too far on, but next week is the last week of class and I'm missing all the weekends after October 24th, though this one has been relatively uneventful (and so doesn't count). (However, I did get a start with that on [ profile] fiddle_witch's livejournal, in this post.)

I've been kept from posting by all sorts of things, like the END OF TERM ZOMFG. Where the hell did that come from‽

By the way, here's my schedule. Ick. )

Another thing I'm behind on is law school application essays. But I'd prefer not to think about them, so I'll put this in a small font.

I'm also woefully behind on postcards. I've collected so many, but sent so few. I'll fix that soon too, I hope.

Tomorrow I go to the library to actually work on my essay. I realise now how much I've taken the UC Davis library for granted, with its books you can actually find and check out and being able to have more than 5 books out at a time and maybe even keep them for more than a week. But I plan to circumvent these problems tomorrow by living in the library, with my laptop and my hoard of unchecked-out books, and write until I can't see. Yaye.
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The National University of Ireland at Galway is more a collection of departments than a unified school. This is reflected in each department's diverse approach to the chaos that is the beginning of the school year. For instance, my Economics class, Irish Economy, will have met (by the end of today) four times since instruction began on the third. On the other hand, I just "registered" - in an elaborate, daunting procedure that was incredibly stressful and took too much time this morning - for my English class, The English Language in Ireland, which will meet for the first time on Monday.

Anyway, I think I have a schedule now. )
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because html is joyous.

What's goin' down. )

So... if you don't hear from me ever again, this's why.

i can do tables! muahahaha! *evil making-tables laugh*
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Schedule below the cut. )

I'm going to be living in Olson. All of my classes are there. o.0

It appears as though we start Thursday, the 28th of September. Who's in charge of scheduling for this school, anyway?


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