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nightbluesprite used to lurk in the Harry Potter fandom, but that's been abandoned in favor of an intensely Ravenclaw approach to schooling. Currently enrolled in law school, nightbluesprite is attempting to do the House proud, with varying degrees of unsuccess. Generally semi-politically active, nightbluesprite is very interested in current events, protecting civil rights, and subverting the right one conservative at a time.
Weakneess: Just the one: used bookstores. (But that one's almost fatal.)
Strengths: Ummm... integrity? (Except when it comes to used bookstores.)
Special Skills: The Almighty Power of the BS, the (occasional) ability to read cases without falling asleep, apparent resistance to the Socratic Method.
Weapons: A frightening vocabulary, sarcasm, and a sharp pen.
Motto: Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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