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нет мой френд если вы не знаете меня. не оденьте в меня ваш список, извлекайте меня от вашего списка. спасибо.
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Every leaf of the tree becomes a page of the sacred scripture once the soul has learnt to read. - Saadi

about me

Aug. 28th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Looks like I'm an INFJ. Who knew.
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Funniest thing I've seen this week.

I've forgotten how fun it is to mock Harry Potter. I managed to make it to Azkatraz over the weekend, and it was entertaining to be that immersed in HP fandom for a little while. But I've really no interest in seeing the newest movie until it's on DVD; while the 4th book was where everything went pear-shaped, and the 5th book was where CAPSLOCK!Harry found his angst, the 6th book had the chest monster. And that is just unforgivable.
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If you've seen Hotel Rwanda, you know what I'm talking about. Here's an interview with the hotel manager the movie is based on - Paul Rusesabagina.
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Chamblin Fevre Dream - About getting lost in Chambin Book Mine, a used bookstore in Jacksonville, FL.

@[ profile] xanadendron: Do you live anywhere near there? Have you been there? Do you live there?

(I'm going to a library in about an hour though, so I should be a little less wistful.)
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Police in Denmark hug bicyclists without helmets, then give them helmets.

Why yes, I do have finals soon, how did you guess?
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MY PROPERTY EXAM PREP BOOK: In the prior example [where graduation from law school was a requirement to acquire a vested interest], if Tom had graduated from law school, thus acquiring a vested remainder subject to open, and then died from the stress, his vested remainder would pass under his will or by intestate succession.


finals erk

Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:56 pm
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I feel as though by switching spastically from hotmail to uc davis email to facebook to livejournal and back somehow my workload will be less and I will be more likely to win at my exams. Unfortunately, the opposite appears true. :(

In other news, I'm using a really cool keyboard to type on my Mac now, and I'm getting a really perverse pleasure out of using the delete key, instead of and in addition to the normal "delete" key, which usually is the only such key on Macs and actually only backspaces. Hee. *deletes stuff*

...Meh. Back to work. ♥
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So it looks like I was on TV - obscured by a professor in a shot of our very crowded student lounge for half of one second. (Hint: 1:51.) There are also a few other shots of the school, which give you a pretty good idea of how very built in the '60s it is.

For some reason, the local news decided to cover us watching coverage of the Prop. 8 Oral arguments Thursday. It was weird having the media there in our ridiculously overcrowded room. They got in the way and generally creeped us out.

But it was neat to watch oral arguments with law students, despite the fact that the Attorney General's deputy was made of fail. We'll see what happens in the next 3 months.
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Today, at the beginning of Property, they came in and sang the beginning of "I Just Called to Say I Love You" to my friend Brian. (It was from an anonymous admirer.) Just now, at the beginning of Constitutional law, they came back to sing to Brian (from "your mom") "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You."

Law school teaches you lots of things. Like how red aspiring lawyers can turn when they've been sung to twice in one morning in front of their classmates.

Here's hoping they're coming back for Torts. XD

ETA: They just did - To Brian... from Brian, "Happy Together". XD
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My Constitutional (con) law professor said it demonstrated “Two con law professors incapable of getting right the only text the founders quoted in the Constitution.”


Jan. 20th, 2009 10:56 am
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I went driving for the first time yesterday, with much help from [ profile] squeekiemouse. It was actually kind of fun. Yay!

In more relevant, collective history, Obama was inaugurated as our 44th prez today. Thoughts? General squeeage?

ETA: I love the internet sometimes.
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Gakked from [ profile] dsmoen.

The Color Acuity Test

The object is to get as low a score as possible. I got a 16 - which I'm sure you can beat.
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I bought a shirt in Ireland with part of a poem on it. I'm wearing it now and finally decided to look up where it's from. (Yes, it has been a year. Yes, it is lame.)

The part on my shirt's bolded.

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Two days ago, I finished my last exam (W00T!) and made my way to my parents' house.

Yesterday, I finished the book I started thereafter, Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
Cut for book squeeage. )
Anyone have any good fantasy recs until the next part is out?

(Yay break!)
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I'm celebrating by watching this video live from Ireland - the sun shining through the 5000 year old passage tomb.

But, being Ireland, it's cloudy. XD

Blessed Yule, everyone.

ETA: It's nice to be reminded that we share the same sky - sunrise was rainy and anti-climatic here, too.
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My law school is shaking again, because of construction, so I'm going to have to find a new place to study. And in the week before finals! Is nothing sacred?


Dec. 1st, 2008 08:50 am
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This morning it was beautiful and foggy as I biked to school. I couldn't see more than twenty feet ahead of me, and it was blasted cold, but it was still a little magical to see things appear and disappear out of the mist.
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