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(I've been watching this in bits and pieces because I had a midterm Friday. Don't spoil the ending.)

Why does Biden sound so condescending and paternalistic? His repetitive speech style makes me want to smack him. I head you the first time! And finish your goddamn sentences!

Palin, on the other hand, just used "whom". *cross-party fraternizing ♥*

ETA: I take it all back. About 10 mins from the end, Biden gets weepy talking about his personal tragedy. omfg, Joe. You can has all the votes. ♥
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How do you say,
"I don't mind if you friend me to read my journal, but if you're friending me just to pad your userinfo flist without actually caring what I post... DON'T!"
in Russian?

I've seriously had 6 people with wholly-Cyrillic journals add me in the past week.

A note to foreign readers: THERE IS NOTHING OF INTEREST TO YOU HERE.

For that matter, there's nothing really of interest to non-foreign readers, either, but at least you might understand some of it.

Anyways, KNOCK IT OFF, RUSSIAN USERS OF LJ! Or at least have the courtesy to introduce yourselves first.
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(This game would be a lot more awesome if I didn't keep losing.)

It is so hard to work during summer, ye gods. I'm glad I never tried summer school before, because I would have failed before the week was out. It might be related to the fact that I was killing myself in finals two weeks ago, and for the entire quarter before that. Or that I told myself I wouldn't have to do any work on my thesis until July - before learning that I have to finish it before the 11th of that month. Either way, I barely worked this week.

It doesn't help that I'm trying to do almost mindless data-entry - inputting into Excel all the surveys I distributed when I was in Ireland. I'd have more disrespect for the Irish students who answered my surveys by overwhelmingly listing their COUN T Y of origin as "Ireland" if I didn't constantly make that mistake myself. Who knows what it'll do to my results, though.

Why is Davis determined to be inhospitable? Usually summer here is bad because of the sweltering heat, but the haze has cooled it off to almost tolerable temperatures. Unfortunately, it's also made the air unbreathable. There's no winning, is there?

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summers. But not, y'know, too much.


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